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A "greener" alternative.

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By utilizing recycled millings and road grindings we are able to offer a cost effective alternative to hot asphalt. Commonly used for temporary surfaces, truck terminals and private roads, this paving process provides some of our clients' needs with a "greener" and less expensive surface.


The installation of this type of surface is applied similarly to a typical hot asphalt application: the surface is properly graded to correct the surface slope for proper drainage. Next, the grindings are administered to the surface and are repeatedly compacted by a roller. This type of surface cures best after application to prolonged exposure to the sun and heavy vehicular traffic, allowing the recycled aggregate to further compact and bind to itself.

  • Lower cost alternative to HMA (hot mix asphalt).
  • Goes down cold.
  • Reduces the cost of transporting materials.
  • Fewer CO2 emissions.
  • Keeps construction waste out of landfills.

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Please contact Nick Amorello to learn if this service is applicable to your project.

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