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We sweep while you sleep.

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A well-maintained and clean surface leaves patrons with a good first impression- allowing the beauty of the building and surrounding area shine through. Aside from aesthetic purposes, the sweeping of parking lots, roadways, construction sites and sub-division housing prolongs the life-span of exterior surfaces as well as the interior floor surfaces in the surrounding buildings.


Our five sweepers are ready for your cleaning needs. Their high-dump feature allows us to spend less time offloading the collected sand and debris and more time sweeping - cutting down on time and costs for you. Our vacuum sweepers are also equipped with wet/dry functionality. We come equipped with backpack blowers in order to move debris from gutters, corners, curbs and around vehicles ensuring a thorough cleaning.

  • Extends asphalt life.
  • Save $ on costly asphalt repairs.
  • Reduces safety and sanitary hazards.
  • Prevents pollutants and debris from entering stormwater systems.
  • Improves exterior appearance.

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Please contact Craig Lilley for any inquiries regarding your sweeping needs.

Phone: (774)-696-2458
Fax: (508)-363-3926
1069 Millbury Street • Worcester, MA 01607