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If you mill it, you MUST pave it.

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Asphalt installation is a necessary service for newly milled areas. Luckily, we are equally experienced in both areas and equipped to complete the process. Specializing in roadways and parking lots, our expertise spans from commercial/industrial needs through heavy highway paving. With the ability to pave from 1' all the way to 20' widths- we're yet to have met a project too big to tackle.


The addition of asphalt installation to any surface is highly beneficial for a variety of reasons. Aside from it being visually attractive, it is a durable and flexible surface- capable of withstanding high amounts of vehicular traffic as well as variable punishment of New England weather.

  • Site-specific applications.
  • Provides proper drainage.
  • Reliable, long-lasting surface.
  • Recylable.
  • Easy to maintain/repair.
  • Visually appealing.


Proper asphalt installation relies on three critical conditions: a solid subgrade aggregate base, proper drainage design and execution and quality materials

Feel free to watch our short video of an asphalt installation.
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Please contact Dan Amorello for any inquiries regarding your asphalt paving needs.

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